WHAM Project

The WHAM Project (Wisdom, Humanity, Academic, and Movement) is an independent charity, whose aim is to enrich education, in areas where there is limited or no access to a rounded education. Originally founded in 2010, The WHAM Project has grown with the help from a small group of volunteers consisting of both University students and industry professionals; The WHAM Project's work starts with the improvement of a pre-existing school in Iraqi Kurdistan read more...

Our Goals

  • Enriching education by providing teaching tools and resources as well as a fun, healthy learning environment with dedicated teachers.
  • Liaising with the community to identify problems and create solutions that are tailored to them and the best interests of their children in order to create a positive change for the whole community.
  • Advancing existing education by updating any preexisting facilities and providing additional facilities read more...


Our work begins in an existing school in the small villageof Kele Xaware(pronounced Chill-lah Kha-waar-eh) in Kusanjaq (reference point on Google Earth 36°04"50.11"N 44°38'36.07" E elev 564m) Southern Kurdistan (now known as northernIraq). Kurdistan is a region in the Middle East, south of theCaucasus Mountains, and is the traditional home of the Kurdish people. The area includes large parts of easternTurkey, northernIraq, westernIran, easternSyria,Armenia, read more...

Most Recent Articles

Grda Jal Refugee Camp Playground – Completed!

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in Projects | 0 comments

We are very proud to announce that the play ground in a camp in Grda Jal by the name of ‘Nawandi 3′ where Kurdish refugees reside has now been completed! We thank every generous donor who contributed to...

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Update: Nawandi 3 – Our Playground in Grda Jal

Posted by on Jun 4, 2014 in Projects | 0 comments

With the help of our generous volunteers the playground in a camp in Grda Jal by the name of ‘Nawandi 3′ where Kurdish refugees reside has begun. We cannot continue the amazing work carried out by our...

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